hw4b - 9.1701491e-01 9.6745001e-01 9.1258493e-01 1.0761385e...

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1.0960753e+00 1.0030335e+00 7.6535982e-01 8.4321745e-01 9.6998557e-01 9.3203084e-01 5.7862789e-01 5.4315733e-01 6.3274121e-01 6.1744578e-01 7.1667127e-01 8.6702140e-01 1.1290452e+00 9.7084297e-01 1.1118825e+00 4.9126202e-01 9.2218229e-01 1.1468947e+00 6.8328697e-01 1.0827100e+00 1.0618611e+00 6.1025385e-01 8.8966446e-01 6.2254148e-01 6.1881682e-01 6.9924783e-01 6.8974851e-01 7.8248396e-01 7.3790210e-01 7.1893602e-01 9.7360344e-01 1.1014852e+00 5.2613578e-01 6.8132251e-01 9.2903148e-01 1.0149713e+00 1.0241586e+00 8.4524666e-01 5.5218517e-01 8.8737700e-01 9.7110381e-01 4.1914755e-01 7.6207880e-01 6.7862265e-01 8.0677719e-01 7.1985230e-01 1.0152392e+00 5.8637703e-01 7.3263999e-01 1.1049048e+00 8.8102458e-01 7.2544153e-01 7.0429153e-01
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Unformatted text preview: 9.1701491e-01 9.6745001e-01 9.1258493e-01 1.0761385e+00 5.1457073e-01 8.2005082e-01 5.5652575e-01 9.5500599e-01 9.2501135e-01 8.6503270e-01 5.5373142e-01 4.9507644e-01 1.0527550e+00 5.8774949e-01 1.0537141e+00 7.2216079e-01 8.0744394e-01 5.8434960e-01 1.0258914e+00 8.3126181e-01 7.0776423e-01 7.5165752e-01 8.1988193e-01 7.1228066e-01 9.8313829e-01 9.7430330e-01 5.2074915e-01 5.3738488e-01 7.5949981e-01 9.0772968e-01 1.0119634e+00 9.2497642e-01 7.7606208e-01 1.0484095e+00 6.3270108e-01 6.2734490e-01 1.0400506e+00 1.0988461e+00 1.0145915e+00 9.1507382e-01 1.0999320e+00 8.5428478e-01 1.1341126e+00 1.0867767e+00 8.1637255e-01 1.0129348e+00 9.6271662e-01...
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hw4b - 9.1701491e-01 9.6745001e-01 9.1258493e-01 1.0761385e...

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