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function [] = phi_test(W, s,h ) %PHI_TEST Summary of this function goes here % Detailed explanation goes here [i j] = find(W); n = randi(length(i)); i = i(n); j = j(n); % i, j are indices of a weight to check; % h is a step size (e.g. h = 1e4) Wp = W; Wp(i,j) = Wp(i,j) + h; Wm = W; Wm(i,j) = Wm(i,j) - h; [phi,Ws,ss] = phi_sensitivity (W,s);
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Unformatted text preview: phip = phi_sensitivity (Wp,s); phim = phi_sensitivity (Wm,s); format longENG phip phim Ws_ij_est = (phip-phim)/2/h Ws(i,j) abs(Ws_ij_est - Ws(i,j))/abs(Ws(i,j)) %fprintf( 'Ws(i,j) = %g; check vs fd = %gnn', Ws(i,j), abs(Ws_ij_est - Ws(i,j))/abs(Ws(i,j))); end...
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