Rachel's WP 1 Revision

Rachel's WP 1 Revision - Persuasive Essay Dear...

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Persuasive Essay Dear Administration, As you have made aware to many students from Woodstock High School who you have deemed mature, fair-minded and thoughtful enough to evaluate a teaching staff, I would like to say thank you for this opportunity to express my opinion towards the teaching staff. Because you are looking closely at the performances of teachers to make decisions about pay and retention, I found it hard to narrow my letter to one teacher who, above all others, undoubtedly deserves to be recognized and appreciated for their value to the school. Therefore, in response to your request I have chosen the teacher John Skipper to praise because of his time and effort spent along with the encouragement and enthusiasm he has towards the success of his students. In teaching a wide range of subjects including Honors World History, Military History, AP Macroeconomics and Microeconomics it could be easy to become overwhelmed in all the different material required to be taught for each different subject. With the constant homework assignments to be graded, lessons to create, power-points to be made, tests to be thought up and graded an overwhelming work load is easily at hand. Instead of slacking off in the preparation and performance like some teachers might, Mr. Skipper has always dedicated numerous amounts of effort into his lessons in order to ensure his students understand and succeed. I can recall when I had Mr. Skipper for Honors World History a perfect example of how Mr. Skipper demonstrates this. As World History can become quite boring to students who do not find interest, it is hard to
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Rachel's WP 1 Revision - Persuasive Essay Dear...

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