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Response Paper 1 - ECO 110 Conquering Corruption in African...

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ECO 110 Conquering Corruption in African Economies The lack of infrastructure and stability that exists across Africa can been seen in Cameroon’s capital city, Douala, as daily commerce hovers over crumbling roads and beside dying remnants of buildings that once had purposes. Even in one of Africa’s more bustling city centers, it is evident how temporary scenery and structure truly are there. Life rolls on day by day, ever vulnerable to the slightest of changes that nature may inflict. Lack of upkeep and consistently brutal conditions have left Cameroon’s road system in shambles. Roads that aren’t too deteriorated for use are crammed with stationary vehicles in traffic stalls, leftover shells of vehicles from past wrecks, and signs of physical decay on the roads resulting from overuse and absence of any maintenance efforts. Guest explains how people’s lives there are affected by being in an area without substantial infrastructure, overflowing with governmental corruption that drives out any signs of innovation by private citizens before they even have a chance to come to fruition. Any individual that attempts to enter the economic marketplace through entrepreneurship or production of a rival good is immediately met with ridiculous numbers of barriers and smacked down by corrupted officials carrying weapons. These corrupt government officials maintain so much power over African citizens and their actions through violence and bribery. Armed officials set up road-blocks anywhere they desire and demand bribes from passengers in vehicles attempting
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Response Paper 1 - ECO 110 Conquering Corruption in African...

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