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The Shackled Continent Response Paper 2: Wiring the Wilderness In chapter 8 of The Shackled Continent: Power, Corruption, and African Lives entitled “Wiring the Wilderness,” Robert Guest discusses a myriad of problems surrounding technological innovation in Africa. Many African rulers object to the distribution of food aid that has been genetically modified, often viewing such technology as “poison” (Guest 194). This fear of technological advancement contributes to approximately 2.9 million hunger-related deaths every year in Africa (McCracken). Africa’s deep concerns about the safety of consumption and environmental impact of genetically modified foods are overly cautious, seeing as there is no definitive data suggesting that GM crops cause harm humans or the environment. Years of GM food consumption by millions in the United States without precarious effects should serve as an adequate justification for allowing genetically modified foods to be imported into African nations (Guest 195-196). In countries that have attempted to integrate GM products into the market, strict rules for preparation and handling of the goods severely slow the production and distribution processes, proving inefficient and pointless. Fortunately, the quality of healthcare in African nations is increasing. Increased life expectancy can be attributed largely to the integration of curative new technologies into African
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response paper 2 newer - The Shackled Continent Response...

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