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Media Problem[1] - Ezzeldin Mahmoud Elkhashab English...

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Ezzeldin Mahmoud Elkhashab English studies 201 7 December 2011 Media Problem Abstract The symptoms of the crisis of media are well-known—a decline in hard news, the growth of advertorials, increasing conformity of viewpoint and suppression of genuine debate by certain entities. In this essay I would like to expose two problems caused by media. Moving consistently from critique to action, the essay explores the political imperialism of the media, illuminating its major flashpoints and controversies by locating them in politics. It deals with issues such as the declining quality of journalism, the question of bias, the weakness of the public reliant on themselves. It points out the ways in which the existing media system has become a threat to democracy, and shows how it could be made to serve the interests of the ruling minority.
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Powerful Media According to Longman dictionary, Media is defined as a “tool used to store and deliver valid information to all levels of the community.” Not only a certain level, not the rich not the poor but ALL levels of the community. According to the famous politician Jim Morrison “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” With this in mind, media is more dangerous than an atomic weapon or any act of terrorism. A weapon can be used to execute people but can never execute a belief or idea. Meanwhile media has a contagious effect. In most cases the idea is propagated to other member in society. In most cases the recipient does not check the validity of the information. According to the Domino effect theory, any problem has an accumulative effect, causing changes in other chains, and each sub chain affects a new total chain. This is exactly the case that applies to media today. Freedom is not a word spoken! In reality freedom of speech does not exist in the media. Being clearer there are
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Media Problem[1] - Ezzeldin Mahmoud Elkhashab English...

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