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Assignment 2 - Outline - received late

Assignment 2 - Outline - received late - C.4 By 2050 fresh...

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Ezzeldin Mahmoud Elkhashab A. First Paragraph (Introduction) B. Second Paragraph (Cause ) B.1. Water is a fixed resource B.2. People tend to eat tastier food B.3. Farmers misuse boreholes B.4. 60% of water that hits the ground is left uncaptured B.5. Water is not equally distributed along countries C. Third Paragraph(Effects) C.1. Shortage of water will be a major reason for upcoming wars between countries C.2. People will starve due to lack of water C.3. Earth’s gravitational field will be affected
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Unformatted text preview: C.4. By 2050 fresh water will disappear from the face of the earth. D. Fourth Paragraph(Solutions) D.1. Spending more money on water based researches D.2. Reduce amount of water taken to farm D.3. Using desalination D.4. Creating new genetically modified breed D.5. Pricing water properly Very good outline Please revise and correct before emailing for final grade....
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