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Ezzeldin Mahmoud Elkhashab ENG-201-2 Assignment 2 TITLE? Water, water everywhere! Earth is nearly mostly covered with water. It might look like we have as if there is an inexhaustible supply of water , but unfortunately that’s not true, water is expected to vanish from the face of the earth by a maximum of 38 years counting from 2012, it is even expected to become the new real conflict that could lead to wars between countries, some still believe that it is too early to get worried about saving water , well that’s not what countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Thailand and Indonesia say .In Mexico city they totally used to rely on their aquifers ,they extract 70% of their water supply from their but here comes the bad news in 200 years or even sooner those aquifers will dry up .In Buenos Aires ,Bangkok and Jakarta , there are aquifers that are almost overdrawn , polluted and even infected . Yet the real mysterious questions remain unanswered. How did we reach this level? What are the effects of such crises?, and please tell me that there are some solutions !? Cause s Why?! why is water about to fade away?Well there are several reasons for that , why water is a fixed resource infinite ,in the meantime Currently, water demand rises unavoidably , and still most people are doing nothing to save such leading to an inevitable disaster and little is being
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