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Chapter 9 Aalaa mahmoud  1d Raoul went to Christine he clutched at his jealous heart the awful picture which he had for a  moment imagined was of a Christine forgetting how to be a good woman it made way for his  original explanation of an unlucky innocent child the victim of her own imagination and  perhaps the design of author he no longer knew weather to pity Christine or to hate her. Raoul  caught sight of a man dressed all in scarlet with a huge hat and feather on the top of a  wonderful death’s head from his shoulder hung a large, train the word ‘Touch me not! I am red  death ‘ were written in gold letters on this cloak Roaul said to Christine the angel of the music 
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Unformatted text preview: but I will snatch of his mask as I snatch of my own and this time we will look each other in the face he and I with no cover and no lies and I will know whom you love and who loves you Christine told him that I one day know the truth I will forgive you , ‘ dear it is a tragedy ‘ after the Roaul went to hide in Christine dressing room and the phantom went to her room and said “ ARE YOU RAEDY ?!!!” she nudded her head so he took her to the mirror ....
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