Ezzeldin huma - Ezzeldin 12 Angry Men Before jumping into...

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Ezzeldin 12 Angry Men Before jumping into our assignment questions, I would like to give a brief summary to the film. Back in the 50s, in the America judicial system when a convict faces death penalty, they would randomly choose 12 American citizens and make them jurors, the jurors must believe beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty. According to the dictionary I hold in my hand “Reasonable Doubt” is “That state of minds of jurors in which they cannot say they feel an abiding conviction as to the truth of the charge.” The jurors should be 100 % sure that the convict is guilty. Moreover the 12 jurors have to ALL agree wither the convicted person is guilty or not, they all have to settle on only one united vote “ guilty” or “not guilty” . The case: This is an 18 year old Latin teenager condemned to be the one who killed his own father by a switchblade knife. There are two witnesses in this case testifying against him, his old man living upstairs, and a women living in another apartment on the other side of the street. Condition: The jurors are sitting in a closed room, after listening to the evidence given against the convicted person they all voted as “guilty”, except for juror number 8. He believes that the young man might be innocent, and here starts the interesting argument, one of the sides should convince the other by his point. Were there any flaws in the prosecution's case which might have casted “reasonable doubt” on their evidence? If so, what were they? Were they problems of relevance or reliability? 1-Discussion of the Knife, the Murder Weapon: Juror number 8 has started introducing counter evidence to the case, ". ..It's possible the boy lost his knife and somebody else stabbed his father with a similar knife. It's just possible. ..I'm just saying a coincidence is possible.", and he suddenly gets out of his pocket an identical knife, claiming that its “POSSIBLE”, that this knife might not belong
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Ezzeldin huma - Ezzeldin 12 Angry Men Before jumping into...

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