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Outline: -introduction -Summary -Self analysis -Response -Conclusion Introductions: Who’s the audience ? -After considering ….’s target audience, I realize that I am not a member of it. Although I am a …. that believes in …. . - Therefore, I conclude that I am part of the authors' intended audience and, after reading this essay -As a …. ., I consider myself a member of the author’s targeted audience. After examining Charity Miller’s rhetoric, I can see that she strives to create a
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Unformatted text preview: common thread between herself and her audience and I therefore find it easy to agree on many of her contentions. In past English classes, I have studied arguments on the same subject but in opposition to Miller’s views. Some of these articles argued that Affirmative Action is reverse racism. I believe a previous understanding of another viewpoint on the issue allows me to weigh equally the positive and negative aspects of both arguments....
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