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Template for the Summary Response Essay Introduction 1. Who wrote what where when why? In " TITLE OF THE ARTICLE" , posted in the " TITLE OF BOOK/JOURNAL " dated ( DATE ) psychologists/activist/political writer/Mr./Ms. NAME OF AUTHOR(S) attempts to prove/ report on/ debate/ narrate/ investigate/ coveys two main points of view/ analyzes the reaction of XXXX concerning YYY. 2. What is the article about? The article discusses/ shows a relationship/ compares/ describes a problem and offers a solution/ conveys a causal relationship/ tells the story of/ strives to make a case against/ for XXXXX. 3. How is the content organized? The authors explain, through multiple studies and statistics, that XXXXXXX. By stating statistics and thoroughly explaining each fact, this essay aims to persuade by appealing to the audience’s reason, and strives to influence the reader’s future actions. In addition to aiming to persuade, the author also aims to convince by providing a plethora of information and credible examples of XYZ. 4. What is your essay thesis? The author discusses an issue of grave importance and presents different points of view; however, there are some parts of the article that need to be examined closely OR after reading the article a number of concerns come to mind. [THESIS STATEMENT] Summary 1. What are the main ideas of the article? 2. What is the aim of the article?
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Template_for_the_Summary_Response_Essay_-_HALA - Template...

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