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The Egyptian Gazette German museum confirms travel ban for Nefertiti Ramadan A.Kader essay, titled “German museum confirms travel ban for Nefertiti”, is a compilation of statements that Kader gathered and wrote in 2010. At that time Kader was writing a column for the Egyptian Gazette, regarding the German claim of owning the Egyptian Nefertiti. Kader keeps the essay neutral ( Dr.Hala could I say poorly unbiased? ) by presenting different points of view, choosing not to add his personal opinion to the article, giving statements of experts from both countries. After the Egyptian Museum’s director Frederick meet Egypt’s antiquities chief” Zahi Hawas”, she claimed that they did not negotiate about the return of the 3500 years old bust. Adding that Berlin completely insists on the fact that Egypt have never claimed for the old bust, in addition to all of this, Chancellor Angelo top culture aide says that Germany would never give Nefertiti’s head back . Looking at the Egyptian respond to the mentioned above claims, Zahi Hawas have stated that the original extraction of Nefertiti from Egypt was completely illegal. Additionally the Egyptian ambassador “Ramzy Ezzeldin”, have stated that it’s only up to technical experts wither the old bust is capable of traveling or not. At the end of the article Kader tries to imply that after President Sarkozy returned the stolen Egyptian paintings, he gave hope to the Egyptians to claim
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The Egyptian Gazette - The Egyptian Gazette German museum...

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