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Ezzeldin Iconic figures The story of the greatest dreamers Revise: and was the Lula administration's main investment program. It is intended to strengthen Brazil's infrastructure, and consequently to stimulate the private sector and create more jobs. The social and urban infrastructure sector was scheduled to receive $84.2 billion reais (US $46 billion). Together with increases in real wage levels (as characterised by a 54% real increase in the minimum wage), these projects had a major impact on poverty alleviation, with around 25 million Brazilians lifted out of poverty between 2002 and 2010. [23] Abstract Starting with Walt Disney being the main source behind the uprising of worldwide Film industry. Moving on to the famous writer J.K. Rowling who introduced a new successful dimension to novel writing. Finally talking about the famous basketball player Michael Jordan. Eventually all these three iconic figure shared a mutual influence, an influence that motivates every desperate reader, asking them to never giving up no matter how things go bad in life.
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Who in your life has been influential? Try thinking of someone who made a positive difference in the way you act. It can be anyone, a friend, an athlete, a parent or even a musician. Through my life I have met several figures who I look up to and these are the ones that I really take as my role models. Walt Disney Walt Disney success story had been a source of inspiration and insistence to humans across the world. Moreover he entirely changed the entertainment industry path. Walter Elias Disney had been a great source of happiness towards nearly every kid on earth. Viewing Walts life examples shows to the reader that a person who has dedicated loyalty to a dream, no matter how much trials they fail in, he just have to get up and continue accomplishing his solid devotion towards achieving this dream. Looking at Walts beginnings he was a normal man that always wanted to follow a job in commercial arts. He has gathered all his money creating several companies starting with Laugh- O-Grams, which faced bankruptcy after 6 months from opening. But still Walt continued trying, took his suitcase and moved to Hollywood hoping to find a new job for the time being that would help him initiate a new company of his own. This was the moment where Walts life moved upside down, it was the moment where his head executive in the newspaper, have decided to fire him for lack of imagination and not having new creative ideas. Walt decided that he has to prove that man wrong, gathered his brothers and they all decided to start a new company, but this time was not like the others, their lifes where on the verge of being homeless. As they sold their house gathered 250$ and borrowed a further 500 $, took their uncles’ garage as their office. In a little
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