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Assignment1_2012_WintAIU (1) - Assignment 1 Computation...

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Assignment 1 Computation Theory Due Date March 16th, 2012 Dr.Muath Alzghool Q1: Construct a regular expression defining each of the following languages over the alphabet ={a,b}. For each regular, list two words satisfy the regular expression and two Ʃ word do not satisfy it : a. All words in which a appears tripled, if it at all. This means that every clump of a ’s contains 3 or 6 or 12 … a ’s. b. All words that contain at least one of the strings aaa , ababaa , bbba , or aab . c. All words that end in a double letter. d. All words that don’t end in a double letter. e. All words in which the letter b is never tripled. This means that no words contains the substring bbb . f. All words that don’t have the substring ab. g. All words that don’t have both the substrings baa and abb . h. All words in which any b ’s that occur are found in clumps of an odd number at a time. i. All words that have an odd number of a ’s and an odd number of b ’s. Q2
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Assignment1_2012_WintAIU (1) - Assignment 1 Computation...

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