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Plant Hormone

Plant Hormone - Plant Hormone Auxin Where They are Found...

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Plant Hormone Where They are Found Plant Hormones Function Auxin This hormone is present in the seed embryo, young leaves and apical buds meristem Stimulation of cell elongation; cell division in cambium, differentiation of phloem and xylem, root initiation on stem cuttings, lateral root development in tissue culture Delaying leaf senescence Suppression of lateral bud growth when supplied from apical buds Inhibition or promotion of fruit and leaf abscission through ethylene stimulation Fruit setting and growth is induced through auxin in some plants Auxin can delay fruit ripening In Bromeliads, the auxin hormone promotes flowering Stimulation of flower parts, femaleness of diaoecious flowers and production of high concentration of ethylene in flowering plants Cytokinin Cytokinins are synthesized in roots and then transported to other plant parts Stimulation of cell division, growth of lateral buds and apical dominance
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