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Lab 4 photosynthesis notes

Lab 4 photosynthesis notes - R f value relationship of the...

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17:34 Main source of energy: sun Pigments: substances that can absorb light Main photosynthetic pigments: Chlorophyll a and b Accessory pigments: those that capture some light energy and then transfer it to chlorophyll Carotenes Xanthophyll Paper chromatography – technique for separating the pigments Plant extract is applied to paper, the pigments stick to matrix Tip of paper strip is immersed in a solvent, pigments dissolve and move with the solvent front Some dissolve slower and move through the paper slower (higher molecular weight) Separate one pigment from another Yellow band A = carotenes Yellow band B = Xanthophyll Blue-green = chlorophyll a Yellow-green = chlorophyll b Grey band = pheophytin (product of chlorophyll’s degradation)
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Unformatted text preview: R f value- relationship of the distance moved by a pigment to the distance moved by the solvent front, a relationship which is specific for a given set of conditions Measure the distance moved by pigment and divide it by the distance the solvent moved Fluorescence Process in which some of the energy absorbed by the chlorophyll molecules is emitted at a longer wavelength Stomata Specialized opening in the leaves to allow the exchange of gases to occur (take in CO 2 and get rid of waste O) Phenol red (pH indicator) Turns yellow in an acid environment and red in a neutral or basic environment CO 2 dissolves in water and forms carbonic acid yellow 17:34 17:34...
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Lab 4 photosynthesis notes - R f value relationship of the...

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