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Tim May Professional Selling Journal #5 11/30/11 Product: Rough diamonds Company: De Beers 1. A statement- “Purchasing bulk lots of rough stones, opposed to regular sized lots, could increase profits up to 50%!” In this “A” statement the 3S is recognizing the fact that all businesses wish to maximize profits without sacrificing quality. By suggesting the 2B purchase a bulk lot of stones, an extensive buying decision for the company is being proposed. This bulk lot is rather expensive, based on quality and quantity, but it is the best way to capitalize on a purchase from De Beers. By giving a benefit of De Beers feature of quality first, it catches the attention of the 2B, and makes them want to hear more the 3S has to say. Since the 3S memorizes his/her presentations, some dialogue that could be generated by this statement could sound like this: “As you know, I am representing De Beers, and our company has always paid keen attention to quality. ... Due to the superior quality of these stones, your profits should increase dramatically if you purchase a bulk lot and use them in your business. ... etc.” My proposed integration would look like: A Statement < === > FAB feature Quality – “B” of increased profits (3S-p37-2) < === > Extensive buying decision (3S-p39-3-A-5-c) I statement- “Purchasing from De Beers guarantees the highest quality of stones, which would put your competitors to shame.” In every business market there is competition, and with this “I” statement the 3S recognizes this phenomenon—and the fact that, like any normal company, the 2B’s
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company wants to beat their competition. The base feature of De Beers diamonds that
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Pro Selling Journal 5 final - Tim May Professional Selling...

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