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Tim May ANTH 1500 Final Ethnographic Paper 5/6/11 Drinking at Poker Night Superstructure: Ultimately, people drink alcohol to get drunk. Young men like to drink alcohol based on what they see and how the world perceives the act of drinking. Due to personal, psychological, and environmental reasons, young men, especially in Youngstown, drink to get drunk to help them relax and forget about problems. Hypothesis: Poker night is no longer a night to come and just play cards, one of the driving factors of the night is to drink alcohol, get drunk, and relax without having to go out to bars or spend a lot of money. “It’s helps me free myself,” Keith told me. “Well, what do you think it frees you from?” I asked. “I honestly don’t know what I’m freeing myself from. I think it’s an imaginary thing in my head that makes…me feel like I’m freeing something,” Keith responded with a somewhat troubled look on his face. An activity that is basically synonymous with poker night is drinking. “The smoke and brew can be smelled before you open the door…” as I so quaintly put in my Fish Tank assignment. I noticed that during poker night, the game has truly evolved. Also, each one of my informant pointed out that poker night was a night to drink and
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relax. “Yea, poker is definitely one of things. They just goes together, and I don’t know, I guess I couldn’t really see me playing and not drinking,“ Keith said, referring to playing poker and drinking. The night, in general, is much more relaxed than a night of poker playing at any casino would be. People do not really come to play cards any more, because they know it is a good time whether or not they ever look at one hand. I should correct myself; Some people come to play--or prey--and those people usually end up winning, or coming close, at the end of the night. So, in the most literally sense possible, the superstructure for poker night has inevitably changed. Not every person seems to view it as a competition anymore--or at least not as much as they view it as a good time to drink and be merry. Something I had to realize about our poker night that I had previously overlooked in my original fish tank was that we actually had a great lack of social structure. My roommate Zack‘s good friend Ron, that always come to poker night, commented on beer for me. “[Beer] helps me relax. It makes me loose and changes me into someone that just plain out doesn’t care about stupid [stuff].” He put it bluntly, but perfectly. The lack of care shows lack of social structure in the night, overall, and shows that we never intended for there to be any specific social structure in the night. Youngstown CCA Counselmen (anonymous) stated, “[Kids] don’t have structure
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ANTH 1500 final paper - May Tim May ANTH 1500 Final...

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