lit review rough draft 1.31.12

lit review rough draft 1.31.12 - Group 1 Literature Review...

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Group 1 Literature Review Research Question Why do people buy beer and what are the criteria people use to buy beer? Abstract In our research, we chose criteria we thought were important to consumers, including: Packaging/design, taste, image of brand, price, calories, lifestyle of consumer, and social/economic factors. As a group, we researched these criteria, making connections with the ours points and the empirical evidence that was found. There are many factors and alter the consumers' perceptions of different beers and different brands, and often times each individual consumer's criteria is not weighted the same way as the next person, but one thing is for certain; Americans love to drink beer. Criteria One of the criteria used to help increase sale while marketing beer is the packaging/design of the actual product. Before beer was known to just come in a can, a bottle, or a keg… but now it can be said that the design and packaging will get just as much attention as the actual beer does if not more! (Schultz, E. J, 2011) Many beer companies such as Anheuser- Busch and Coors have increased sales by changing designs, such as Coors Cooler Cases or Millers Vortex Bottles to keep a “fresh” profile in the market. Heineken has used this on their cans by making the label in raised lettering to enhance the condensation effect on the consumer. These design changes have shown to be very effective in the marketing for beer and Heineken is one of the companies that can increase sales by doing more for their image.
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Coors made the color changing label to show the cold temperature, Miller made the vortex bottles to aerate as you drink to increase flavor, Bud Lite created the writable bottles, and Stella Artois came up with the chalice can. All of these little changes made increases in sales for all these companies, but Heineken has not taken full advantage of this yet. Another criterion consumers use when they purchase beer is taste. Many consumers want to buy beer that has good taste, and the Vice President of Anheuser-Busch said “It’s important to keep beer fun, relevant and in step with the changing preferences of adults who enjoy beer.” (Markman 2006).
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lit review rough draft 1.31.12 - Group 1 Literature Review...

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