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Making Business Decisions - Employee Number 10 Not required...

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Dimension Values Rank Reasons Product Price 1 To Go or Dine In Order 2 Determines seating / in store entertainment requirements. Order Date 3 Required for determining promotional periods (time of day / day / Season). Promotion Number 4 Quantity Sold 5 Required for determining promotional items. Music Playing in Store 6 Related to in store seating. Customer Name 6 Loyalty rewards. Product Number 6 Determines customer preferences. Order Time 7 Customer Age 7 All ages purchase coffee; determines your store's attractiveness to customer demographic. Payment Method 7 Need to assume cash & credit payments. Season 7 Seasonality analysis. Store Hours 7 Related to Order Time. Customer Language 8 Weather 8 You can't control the weather; related to seasonality analysis. Product Cost 9 Useful for pricing decisions. Commission Policy 10 Customer Gender 10 Both Men & Women purchase coffee. 10 Most major religions purchase coffee. Customer's Political Affiliation 10 Most major political affiliations purchase coffee.
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Unformatted text preview: Employee Number 10 Not required for marketing. Exchange Rate 10 Not required for domestic only sales. Interest Rate 10 Manufacturer or Vendor Number 10 Not required for marketing. Stock Market Closing Price 10 Most people purchase coffee independent of stock prices. Traffic Report 10 Only useful is location is directly on a traffic affected route. Price determines customer acceptance & top line sales volume. Price is set by Target Pricing Competition and What The Market Will Bear. Measures successfulness of marketing promotions. Needed to assess the clientel serviced and traffic pattern. Most major languages purchase coffee. Needed for multiligual menu. Only used if salepeople are paid by commission. Customer Religious Affilliation Coffee shops are not a major purchase (such as an auto). Product is not financed, so interest rates are not a dominant factor....
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