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Mgt 3725 self ackwonledgement - hopefully obtaine at A...

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Tim May MGT 3725 Self-ackwonledgement 6/27/11 Dr. Rakestraw, In my efforts to help the group, I was instrumental in planning and organizing group meetings and deadlines, and helped to fuel the fire while brainstorming and formulation of our memo. I sent most of the emails necessary to organize our group and subsequently put our memo together. I assembled the group memo and extensively reviewed it and revised it to fit the standards necessary to
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Unformatted text preview: hopefully obtaine at A grade for our group. I also assembled the group PowerPoint presentation and revised my fellow group members' slides. I volunteered to do these things for my group and I was happy to do them. In conclusion, I want to take the time to thank you for your time and effort as a truly passionate professor at the WCBA and say that I enjoyed your class greatly. Thank you. Sincerely, Tim May Group 6...
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