MGT 3761 Assignment 3 - Assignment 3 Business Intelligence...

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Assignment 3: Business Intelligence MGT 3761 Group: Tim May Deb Dolasinski Cory Stevens
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Business Dilemma The idea to use a newsletter is actually very smart and is a good way to stir up some local business. The good news is that at least some of the information given is usable, but the database ultimately needs to be edited. There are several mistakes just within this small section of the database. The first problem would be customers with the same customer ID. Each customer weould need their own ID number because them it will be a personalized database and we can keep track of specific people and their trends within the coffee shop. Next, would have to be the mistake with addresses. Zip codes should be five numbers long; No more, no less. Streets should have a street number, also. These mistakes probably happened by a mistake when transcribing the addressed from then sign up sheet to the actual database. Lastly, redundancies in the database need to be fixed. The database needs to be scanned for names and addresses that show up twice. This happens probably because of the fact people might have signed up twice, and then, subsequently entered into the data base twice, or friends or relatives signing up for the newsletter when a person they live with has already signed up for it. . The solution, just like the problem, is simple and easy to implement. Most of the problems are usually human error, whether it be on the employee end or the fault of the customer. Someone needs to go through the database and look for incomplete/wrong mailing address, and also search for redundancies and change or delete them. With a few hours of troubleshooting and correcting, the database could be cleaned up and ready to start mailing out the newsletter. Business Decision One
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MGT 3761 Assignment 3 - Assignment 3 Business Intelligence...

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