MKTG 4815 career research and analysis

MKTG 4815 career research and analysis - May 1 Career...

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May 1 MKTG 4815 Tim May 2/7/2012
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May 2 Facts Skills needed to excel in a marketing research career are quite vast because it encompasses a very broad category of marketing and tends to be a very involved job, when it comes to busy work. People skills, sales skills, and communication skills are all very important traits to have, but are usually trumped by the fact a researcher needs to possess creative ability and an analytical dimension. Market- Research Analysts research market conditions by collecting, organizing, and interpreting data from local, regional, national, or other areas to determine potential sales of a product, service, or retail facilities. Also, there is a serious need to be team-oriented. Market researchers usually work on a research team with statisticians, motivational research specialists who design survey questions, pollsters, interviewers, IT specialists and a variety of others (Edelbert 2011). Market researchers are usually interested with the potential sales of a good or service. Organizing and analyzing statistical data on competitors and looking at prices, sales, and methods of marketing and distribution, researchers forecast future sales. As a whole, market researchers deduce methods and standards for collecting the data they need--often designing telephone, mail, in-person or online surveys to understand consumer preferences (Gilbert 2012). Researchers analyze the results and make suggestions based upon their findings, once the study is concluded. Usually, researchers provide management with data needed to make decisions on the promotion, distribution, design, and pricing of goods or services. The information also may be used to determine the advisability of adding or modifying product lines, approaches to advertising and sales or other critical business decisions (Gilbert 2012). Salaries in a marketing research career can range from $30,000 to $50,000 as a project director
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MKTG 4815 career research and analysis - May 1 Career...

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