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Tim May MUHL Extra Credit 4/23/2011 Dana Concert Series The concert I attended was held on the 20th of April and was Leonardi Legacy Concert with special guest Shedrick Hobbs. Five different groups were featured at the concert, and Shedrick Hobbs played a song--on the drum set--with each. First was the “Horace Silver Sextet” under the direction of Kent Engelhardt, who also did the arragment for both songs played. . It was a sextet, composed of a alto and tenor saxophone, a guitar, a vibraphone, an upright bass, and a drum set. The first song was a piece call Bonita , originally composed by Horace Silver. The song was slower and very pretty, which is fitting because the title of the song means “beautiful” in Spanish. I was intrigued by the vibraphone solo, by Dan Danch, being a percussionist myself, and also by Kevin Snyder’s smooth and full tenor sax solo, which made the song seem complete by giving it a true voice. Though Horace Silver is mostly known for his work in the Hard Bop genre, the song Bonita showed his venture into the Soul Jazz movement with subtle undertones of Latin influence. The second song that this group played was called Pretty Eyes, with Shed Hobbs accompanying. This song was lively, vibrant, and often times amazing, especially with Shed on the drums. The solos in this particular tune were somewhat quick, especially the bass solo by Jonathon Carran. An alto sax solo by Keith Peterson added variance to the melody and seemed to come where a piano solo—perhaps done by Horace Silver—would have came in the original arrangement. Lastly, the guitarist, Albert Troiani, gave us a taste of a simple but harmonic solo, which repeated itself and gave a
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nice change of pace to the song. Overall, the group did very well—seeing how it is always the hardest to be the opening act—and were enjoyable to listen to. Next, was the “Benny Golson Sextet” which was also under the direction and arrangement of Kent Engelhardt. The instrumentation was as follows: trumpet, tenor saxophone, trombone, guitar, upright bass, and drums. The first tune they play was Along Came Betty , which I enjoyed very much because of its soft style, yet driving drums and bass movements. The bass walked as the simple melody played and the soloists took their turns. First the guitar solo by Tom Smith, then a bass solo by Dave Traugh, and towards the end of the song a drum solo by Ed Davis. The next song the group played was titled Whisper Not , with Shed Hobbs accompanying. The song was quick, yet had a mellow tone on the frontline. The solos were very interesting with
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MUHL EC final - Tim May MUHL Extra Credit 4/23/2011 Dana...

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