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Tim May Professional Selling Journal #6 12/7/11 Product: Myself Knowing me, I would probably go into an interview with something memorized (3S-p47-7-B-1), but also be ready and mentally prepared for questions, business discussion and small talk. In the memorized portion of my interview I would use the AIDCA process (3S- p47-7-C-4). My “A” statement would sound something like, “Well, you know, I graduated from YSU with a degree in Marketing.” I would explain how I graduated promptly and with a high GPA I statement - I would explain how YSU has an ASBCA acreditted business program Desire - and the how the marketing department teaches out-of-the-box, new age
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Unformatted text preview: techniques. Use Needs (3S-p47-7-B-2)? Conviction – show HEMPS parts Action - For Journal Entry #6 you will be in an interviewing situation with one 2B of a company to which you applied for a job. For this Journal you will not be creating any questions. You are to complete the following task: Let’s suppose that you are offered the job and the 2B indicates that the salary is negotiable. Hence, you are now involved in 3S/4S-p51-11 (Negotiations). Discuss how you would go about negotiating the highest possible salary?...
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