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GBUS 160 chapter 6 outline - Intrapreneur entrepreneurially...

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Chapter 6 Entrepreneur pg. 184 Seed capital pg. 202 Classic entrepreneur pg. 185 Debt financing pg. 203 Serial entrepreneur pg. 186 Equity financing pg. 205 Intrapreneur pg. 186 Venture capitalist pg. 205 Change agent pg. 186 Angel investor pg. 205 Lifestyle entrepreneur pg. 190 Intrapreneurship pg. 206 Classic entrepreneurs- identify business opportunities and allocate available resources to tap those markets. Serial entrepreneurs- start one business, run it, and then start and run additional businesses in succession.
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Unformatted text preview: Intrapreneur- entrepreneurially oriented person who develops innovations within the context of a large organization. Change agent- manager who revitalizes an established firm to keep it competitive. Lifestyle entrepreneur- a person who starts a business to reduce work hours and create a more relaxed lifestyle. Peru has the highest level of entrepreneurial activity...
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