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Tim May Professional Selling Journal #4 11/9/11 Company: De Beers Product: Rough Diamonds 1. Would a new business—initiating a New Buy—be a lead, a prospect, or even have a desire to buy a bulk lot of rough diamonds, if they do not specialize in mass customization? As a 2. What kind of public demonstrations and exhibitions does The De Beers Group participate in, and how does it help them create/discover new prospects? 3. How would a 3
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Unformatted text preview: rd Seller prepare him/herself for a sales call in the preapproach, in regards to professionalism, when calling a specific 2 nd Buyer with specific interests, perceptions, etc.? < == makes this a specific interest, perception, etc. 4. What kind of demonstrations could a 3 rd Seller show a buyer to help them justify a purchase from De Beers and aid them in realizing the specific SOVs that De Beers rough diamonds possess?...
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