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Unformatted text preview: The LES The Learning Evaluation Situation A Learning and Evaluation Learning Situation is a sequential set of tasks whose purpose is to develop and evaluate specific competencies competencies What Makes an LES? What An authentic context intentionally selected to develop and assess a competency Complex tasks and knowledge based learning activities A meaningful issue or question A problem to solve or a product to create Complex Tasks: Complex Contexts where learning takes Contexts place using knowledge and skills for real purpose skills Involves cross curricular Involves competencies competencies Draws on higher order thinking Is significant for learners Essential Questions: Essential What do you want your students What to know? to To understand? To feel? To think? To be able to share and apply to To new situations? new Building an LES Building Identify an essential and authentic Identify inquiry inquiry Identify the tasks and the Identify performance path performance Identify final evidence Engage learners through inquiry WHERE? WHERE? Where the unit is going, What is expected here hat and What the students already know. Hook all students and Hold their interest ook Equip students, help them experience key quip ideas and explore ideas ideas Rethinking and Revision opportunities ethinking Evaluation by self and teacher ...
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