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BIS2C SAMPLE EXAM QUESTIONS W2011 THIS IS NOT A FULL EXAM. THE FULL EXAM WILL HAVE APPROXIMATELY 30 T/F OR MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS AND 8 SHORT ANSWER OR FILL-IN QUESTIONS True/False 1. If changes in some characters are quite common then trees estimated with parsimony usually correspond to those estimated with maximum likelihood. FALSE 2. Reptiles are a monophyletic group when they are defined as including birds. TRUE 3. Based on rRNA, thermophilic microbes make up a very well supported monophyletic clade. FALSE 4. Recent research suggests that the Archaea may not be monophyletic. TRUE 5. The Gram stain is an easy way to determine if a bacterium has a thin cell wall and therefore is more susceptible to antibiotics. FALSE 6. The acquisition of chlroplasts by Plantae represents a secondary endosymbiotic event. FALSE Multiple Choice 7. Below is an unrooted tree for four taxa (beetle, mantid, fly and wasp), depicting the character states (in this case nucleotides) for one character, taken from a larger taxon- character matrix. A. This tree must have been reconstructed using parsimony. B. This tree must have been reconstructed using maximum likelihood. C. The minimum number of steps for this character on this tree is two. D. This tree shows that beetle is more closely related to the mantid than to the fly. E. There are four sister taxa in this tree.
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8. When considering the relationship between phylogenies and the actual history of life: A. The two are equivalent. B. Phylogenies depict speciation and extinction events but nothing more.
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BIS2C+MT1+W2011+Sample+Exam+QuestionsKEY - BIS2C SAMPLE...

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