Copy (2) of Exam - 1 Rape shield laws a limit the amount of...

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1. Rape shield laws a. limit the amount of information about the defendant's past crimes that can be used in court. b. limit the amount of information that can be used in court about the mental health status of the defendant. c. limit the amount of information about a victim's past sexual history that can be used in court. d. are no longer used. 2. Which of the following disorders is associated with engaging in autoerotic asphyxia? a. transvestic fetishism b. scatologia c. frotteurism d. masochism 3. People with transvestic fetishism a. include males and females, although more males than females. b. are usually heterosexual. c. frequently cause harm to others. d. wish to be the opposite gender. 4. Which of the following suggests a diagnosis of disorganized schizophrenia? a. Dillon believes he is God, but will respond to any direction he is given. b. Peter appears to feel no emotion and tends to make odd facial expressions and movements. c. Kyle constantly is asking for a doctor as he is convinced that his stomach is going to explode. d. Trista fears for her life because the pictures on the wall have told her that she is not safe. 5. The term "demence precoce" was used by Benedict Morel to describe schizophrenia and to also explain the a. lack of brain damage that characterizes the brain of most schizophrenics. b. effectiveness of psychological treatments for schizophrenia. c. transient nature of most schizophrenias. d. difference between schizophrenia and dementias of old age. 6. Cognitive-behavioral treatment for people with schizophrenia a. tries to help people learn a trade so they can earn a living. b. tries to help people gain the skills they need for daily living. c. tries to help people find the services they need in the community. d. tries to help people question their delusions to help reduce their intensity. 7. Post-traumatic stress disorder, when caused by a rape, a. is now called acute stress syndrome. b. only occurs when the rapist is unknown to the victim. c. is often associated with severe sexual symptoms. d. is more severe when a woman knows her attacker. 8. "Semen is responsible for masculine characteristics such as beard growth and for general physical and sexual vigor. Therefore, wasting semen through masturbation and patronizing prostitutes is damaging to the nervous system" This statement best illustrates the ________ theory of sexual behavior. a. degeneracy b. psychoanalytic c. abstinence d. disease
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9. The most common form of incest is between a. brother and sister. b. father and daughter. c. mother and son. d. brother and brother. 10. The recidivism rate for rapists a. suggests that neither incarceration nor treatment is an effective approach to dealing with this type of crime. b.
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Copy (2) of Exam - 1 Rape shield laws a limit the amount of...

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