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Test 3 Review 1. Nicoles mother is terribly afraid of snakes.Although Nicole has never actually seen a snake, she has an intense fear of snakes and refuses to walk in the grass because of how much her mother has warned her about them. a.Vicarious conditioning of a phobia 1. Which of the following is one of benefits that those with GAD commonly believe they derive from worrying? a.If I worry about it now, I wont be as upset when it happens 1. Neuroticism a.Is a tendency to feel anxious 1. Why do many people with panic disorder continue to believe they are having a heart attack despite the fact that they never have? a.They tend to engage in safety behaviors that they believe are the reason the catastrophe didnt happen 1. Persistent and recurrent thoughts are a.Obsessions 1. Dereks moods have always seemed to be unpredictable and irrational.Nancy has been diagnosed with GAD, and never knows when he is going to come home and yell at her and the kids.Family therapy has revealed moods are not irrational, but a reflection of sales at his work.Which of the following would reduce Nancys anxiety? a.Derek could call home each day and let Nancy know how the day went 1. Kayla has just started college and wants to make friends.She refuses to go to large parties because she is afraid she will blush and sweat.She is fine talking to people in one-on-one settings. a.Social phobia 1. Which of the following have studies of control in humans and monkeys provided support for? a.Early experiences may serve as protective factors, decreasing likelihood of developing GAD 1. Which of the following is necessary for a diagnosis of OCD? a.Symptomatic behavior causes distress 1. What disorder does GAD appear to be most related to? a.Major depression
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1. The fact that bright light may be an effective treatment for seasonal affective disorder suggests that a.This form of depression is produced by a malfunctioning biological clock that needs resetting 1. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors a.May lead to sexual problems 1. Drugs that alter availability of norepinephrine and serotonin are not clinically effective in the treatment of depression for several weeks.What does this suggest? a.Changes in neurotransmitter function, as opposed to neurotransmitter level, cause depression 1. Johns erratic behavior finally ruined his marriage.What kind of life event would this be described as? a.Dependent 1. Mania and depression may reflect defensive strategies for coping with severe stress.This is a theory associated with the a.Psychodynamic approach 1. When Jill experienced her first panic attack, she felt as if she were outside of herself a.Depersonalization 1. Which of the following is associated with a unique physiological response pattern?
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