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Test 5 Review 1)Transient psychotic symptoms are often seen in which of the following personality disorders? a)schizoid and paranoid 2)The single best word for the person with paranoid personality disorder is a)mistrustful 3)The fear of ________ is a common issue for dependent and borderline personality disorders a)abandonment 4)Individuals with schizoid and paranoid personality disorders differ significantly in their a)level of emotionality 5)________ personality disorder is much more common in men than women and involves the exploitation of others without remorse a)antisocial 6)Both a lack of parental indulgence and parental overindulgence have been proposed as explanations for ________ personality disorder a)narcissistic 7)A lack of parental indulgence of a childs overconfidence might play a causal role in ________ personality disorder a)narcissistic 8)Which of the following is most likely to be mistaken for shizoprenia? a)schizotypal 9)The individual with avoidant personality disorder is unlikely to develop lasting relationships as a result of their a)fear of rejection 10)Which of the following differentiates the borderline from antisocial personality? a)self-injurious behavior 11)Like many individuals with personality disorders, individuals with histrionic personality disorder are rarely able to maintain relationships over time.Why? a)their need for attention is likely to drive others away 12)Which is NOT part of the clinical picture in antisocial personality and psychopathy?
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a)careful planning of future activities that will help their families 13)Which best accounts for why women are more likely to be diagnosed with histrionic than men? a)the symptoms tend to be exaggerations of traits normally seen in women 14)Which of the following is NOT a Cluster B personality disorder? a)depressive 15)Which best explains why it is such a challenge to treat personality disorders? a)by definition they are enduring patterns of thought and behavior 16)Which of the following is most typical of the IP attitudes and behaviors of someone with antisocial personality disorder? a)cruel and callous exploitation of others for personal gain 17)The behavioral patterns of individuals with personality disorders a)are thought to be relatively consistent over time, with little adaptation to new kinds of experiences 18)Which personality disorders may be mistaken for anxiety disorders? a)Cluster C 19)Which is most typical of the IP attitudes and behaviors of someone with histrionic personality disorder? a)repeated manipulation of others to gain attention 20)Unlike the person with paranoid shizophrenia, the person with paranoid personality disorder a)experiences, at worst, transient psychotic symptoms 21)Hope believes that she is the star of her graduate class and that others dislike her because they are jealous of her superior intelligence.She probably suffers from a)narcissistic personality disorder 22)The clusters of personality disorders found in the DSM-IV-TR are grouped based on
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Copy (2) of w-68747 - Julie Zimmerman Personality(Page 597...

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