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Test 8 Review How has psychodynamic therapy changed over time? It focuses on all relationships, not just early experiences Which is NOT a problem with benzodiazepines? Tardive dyskinesia The conventional antipsychotic drugs had a problematic side effect involving abnormal movement Tardive dyskinesia A good example of psychotherapy being used as a guardian of the status quo Occurred when psychiatry was used as a means of political control in the former Soviet Unions The main use of lithium is for Bipolar disorder Which is the most significant challenge to establishing that therapy is effective? Many people improve without formal treatment What does it mean to say a study is double-blind? Both the patient being given the drug and whoever will evaluate the drugs effects do not know whether the patient was given the treatment or the placebo Prozac is a Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor A randomized clinical trial Is a study where people are assigned to different groups by a flip of a coin.. Which is NOT an element of a therapeutic alliance? Client acceptance of the therapists theoretical orientation What is one of the best predictors of future violence? Past history of violence What might be a component of a biologically based universal strategy for preventing mental illness? Encouraging regular physical activity Although the majority of currently disordered persons show no tendency toward violence, an increased risk of violence is likely among those who Currently experience psychotic symptoms The Durham Rule Focused on the cause of an unlawful act Selective intervention programs that teach adolescents social skills and enhance feelings of competency are Aimed at increasing self-esteem and reducing the influence of negative peer pressure The process by which lithium reduces the likelihood of mood swings Is unknown at this time While ________ can be used in treatment, it also is a means by which problematic behaviors are acquired
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Modeling Why should defense lawyers be cautious about using the insanity defense? It rarely works A doctor prescribing lithium should NEVER say We are going to target dose your lithium: when you feel symptoms coming on, take your medication Why has the attempt to reduce the drug supply from other countries not reduced the rate of adolescent substance abuse? The drugs most abused by adolescents are alcohol and tobacco, which are easily available Therapy outcome studies depend on ratings of the changes seen in clients.. The cannot see the clients behavior in a range of settings Research on the impact of matching the clients race and ethnicity with the therapists indicates There is no solid evidence that outcomes are diminished when client and therapist are not matched In contrast to most other forms of therapy, the client-centered therapist
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