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Econ 102 SampleBr[1] (1)

Econ 102 SampleBr[1] (1) - BRIEFING QUESTIONS(Applicable to...

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B RIEFING Q UESTIONS (Applicable to All Exams) Questions refer to weekly briefing on current developments in the economy. Therefore, an answer code cannot be provided. However, students should be prepared to answer questions like this based on the current briefings and such statistical data as they have been provided or asked to find. The questions are your exam will be different because the economy will be different . 1. The level of investment in Canada, as a proportion of total output, compared to the U.S., is: A) higher and expected to remain so B) higher and expected to fall C) lower and expected to remain so D) lower and expected to rise E) not significantly different 2. At the PRESENT time the economy of the United States is: 3. The present state of the Canadian economy can best be characterized as:
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