econ220 assignment 2 - Group 31

econ220 assignment 2 - Group 31 - Econ 220 – 1971-2051...

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Unformatted text preview: Econ 220 – 1971-2051 Page 1 of 14 Group 31 Assignment: 1971 - 2051 Econ 220 Geoff Malleck Section 001 Group 31 Econ 220 – 1971-2051 Page 2 of 14 Group 31 Part A Brainstorming is a technique that businesses require to find solutions to problems and to also gather creativity from members of the team. For this task, as a group, we must use effective brainstorming knowledge to determine, in our opinion, the most significant products from the past 40 years as well as coming up with possible innovations within the next 40 years. The old German proverb, "Every beginning is hard," certainly described our experience. Despite this difficulty, however, it also motivated us to prove that we have the ability to start off strong and continue to collect our creativity to form ideas for a business. Brainstorming includes many rules, plans and lastly challenges and obstacles that we must try to overcome. There were a few techniques that, as a group, we followed in order to come up with ideas that fit this task. To effectively construct a list of innovations, whether they have been invented or not, we must begin with a list of broader ideas (from lecture slides). This was done by writing down any product that came to mind. Using the broad information that we had, we further elaborated on each idea by discussing each member’s thoughts and opinions. By doing so, we were able to narrow and prioritize the ones we thought worked best for this assignment. When discussing the innovations that we may see in the next 40 years, our creativity led to many possibilities. One of the techniques that came hand in hand with the creativity was the ability to over-exaggerate ideas. It enabled us to think outside the box and fantasize about how our society may change drastically based on these new inventions. When brainstorming, we were often overwhelmed by the amount of ideas that we came up with. During this time, we began to narrow down and prioritize ideas, similar to how we had previously. Narrowing down ideas does not necessarily mean that certain ideas are wrong, which many people may assume. While we brainstormed, we recorded every idea that each member had to contribute because everyone has a right to creative thought and every innovation is considered correct. In order to fairly and scientifically evaluate each idea, we decided that research was the best method. We believe this is the better method to vet an idea as opposed to a democratic vote. Without any knowledge of the topic or idea, it is not possible to make informed decisions. The purpose of research for each idea was to determine how innovative it was at the time of its introduction and its subsequent impact on the world in case of products from the past 40 years. In case of future products over the next 40 years, we research to see if it already exists or estimate if a sufficient difference existed in our idea to warrant it as a new product. This process was carried out for each idea and then the research results were presented to the group as a whole. A group out for each idea and then the research results were presented to the group as a whole....
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econ220 assignment 2 - Group 31 - Econ 220 – 1971-2051...

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