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June 2, 2011 To: Jessica Smith, Assistant Human Resource Manager From: Vyvy Ta, Resource Manager Subject: Cultural Research on Spain for August Dear Jessica, As you know, our marketing team from Waterloo will be transferring to Spain in September. Before the team arrives I would like to send them some information about Spain and its culture. There are some key subjects that I would like you to help me research before I create my document. What are the proper business hours in Spain? I know that they have siestas, but what time does that occur? Would it be considered impolite if we conducted business during siesta hours? What is the usual climate in Spain? Will our workers need to bring any winter clothing? I do not want our workers to over pack if the climate remains steady for their time there.
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Unformatted text preview: What are some common foods and cooking ingredients in Spain? Is there anything that is common there which our workers would find odd or shocking to them? Can you also email and ask the workers if they have any allergies and cross check them with you list? Your research will help me greatly in compiling a list of things for our workers to be aware of. This way they can go to Spain prepared and experience a reduced amount of culture shock. The team will be working actively with the citizens of Spain to improve our company’s marketing tactics, so it is important that they know as much about the culture as possible. Thank you, Vyvy Ta Manager, Human Resource...
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