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Tasha Mote Phase 2 IP Eng-111 January 16, 2011 The Revision Process Revision is the process in which you revise a paper by adding information, ideas, details, talking information out, correcting spelling errors and lastly grammatical errors as well. In revising a paper it is important to make sure that the details in your paper develop your main idea and the meaning. One of the most important steps to remember in the revision process is reading and looking at the paper as a reader and not a writer. You should let your paper sit for a day or so before you being to revise. A really good revision strategy that I practice is I read aloud my paper to another person and by them listening to what I’m reading they can hear errors or changes I should make that in writing I cannot see. Another good revision tool you can use also it to ask question about your paper as you read. This can help you formulate what more is needed in your paper such as your main idea, development of your paragraphs, and if you have enough support
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