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EDCI 443 Assignments Guide - Digital Story For this...

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Digital Story For this assignment, you will be reflecting on a reading experience from your childhood and using the text and artifacts from your childhood, you will share your reflection via the creation of a digital memoir. In this work, you must demonstrate your understanding of: The relationship between the concept of identity and literature. The role of the interaction between reader and text in the reading experience. ***Specifics of this assignment will be shared in class. Expert Author Presentation You will create a two-sided hand-out for every member of the class. (Examples are available in class.) You must bring in hard copies of the three books you select to pass around the class. You will present a five-minute power point that captures the highlights of your hand-out. The power point should not be a copy of the text on your handout!! Include four short paragraphs that tell about the life of your author , as well as a photograph of your author. Include an annotated bibliography of three books written by your author. Each book that you cite should include a picture of the book’s cover, full citation in APA style (see below), and a paragraph that captures the book’s main idea and describes the author’s writing style . Your writing needs to be your own thoughts based on your reading of the books, not text found on the internet! Include a section that describes awards won by your author. Cite two web sites that include teaching materials to go along with books by your author. Share at least five tips/suggestions by your author, that address things such as choosing good books, how to use books in the classroom, using books to teach writing, etc. Cite TWO PROFESSIONAL JOURNAL STUDIES ( NOT ON-LINE ARTICLES!) that mention your author. Examples of professional journal: Language Arts, Booklist, School Library Journal, Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. Cite the resources that you used to complete this assignment. APA Style for books: Landa, M. (2005). Listening to young writers. Gainesville: Maupin House. APA Style for journals: Moll, L. C. (1992). Funds of knowledge for teaching: Using a qualitative approach to connect homes and classrooms. Theory Into Practice, 31(2), pp.132-141. Newbery Jigsaw Presentation
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2 For this assignment you will be selecting a novel from a list of Newbery winners, reading the text, and working with others who read the same book to develop a presentation handout. Each individual will be repsonsible for sharing highlights from this handout in a class jigsaw. You will be graded based on the quality of your handout, ideas, and presentation. Criteria for handout:
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EDCI 443 Assignments Guide - Digital Story For this...

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