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EDCI 443 Revise Spring Course Outline

EDCI 443 Revise Spring Course Outline - Course...

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Course Outline (Subject to Change) JAN 26 Introduction to the course and to each other Sharing of childhood reading experience How our hybrid identities interact with text JAN 31 Reading and Responding to Literature I: Gender Roles Introduction to Digital Memoir Reading/Talking Points: “10 ways to check for racism and sexism in children’s literature”(Blackboard) Children’s Books in Children’s Hands Ch. 1-2, 4-5: Children’s Books in Children’s Hands; Literary Elements in Works for Children; Literature Representing Diverse Perspectives; International Literature FEB. 2 Reading Critically : Do I See Myself?/Who is missing? Reading/Talking Points: “The All White World of Middle School Genre Fiction.” Due: Bring an everyday text to class with you (e.g., advertisement, see Vasquez Ch. 2 for more ideas). Author Presentation: Laurence Yep/Allen Say FEB 7 Connecting Children’s Lives to Books: Literature that deals with social issues. Reading/Talking Points : Picture Books…Democracy” Author Presentation: Eve Bunting FEB 9 Culturally Relevant Teaching Reading/Talking Points: “African American Children’s Literature that Helps Students Find Themselves,” AND “Connecting with Latino children: Bridging cultural gaps with children’s literature.” Explore CRP primer:   www.tolerance.org/tdsi/crp_primer_intro Due: Digital Story FEB 14 The role of literature in culturally relevant teaching: Examining our own identities as we prepare to teach a diversity of identities among children. Literature Circle on “Learning Lakota” Reading/Talking Points: “Through the Looking Glass: Harnessing the power of African American Children’s Literature,”  
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Due: Reading Response Assignment on “Learning Lakota.” http://www.tolerance.org/teach/magazine/features.jsp? p=0&is=39&ar=681&pa=3 Author Presentations: Leo & Diane Dillon/ Andrea & Brian Pinkney FEB 16 Fairy/Folk Tales: European Traditions and African, Asian, and Native American Variations . Which tradition is dominant?
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EDCI 443 Revise Spring Course Outline - Course...

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