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Syllabus_Spring_2012_GEB3373 - GEB 3373 Spring 2012 Dr...

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GEB 3373 Spring 2012 Dr. Dave (Denslow) Office: 209 Matherly Hall Phone: (352) 392-0171 X340; cell (352) 359-6645 Email: [email protected] Class Meeting Time: Tuesday and Thursday, 10th and 11th periods, BRY 130 Instructor Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 7th and 8th periods The best way to get in touch with me is usually e-mail. I’m grateful if you restrict cell calls to urgent matters. If there are a hundred students in a room on the UF campus expecting to take a test, but no proctor, I appreciate the heads up. In fact, thanks for warnings about any problems you see developing, such as another class planning to take a test in the same room. (On campus only. Distance and study abroad students should speak to contacts they have been given.) Teaching Assistants TA Office: The TA office is in the 4 th floor stacks of Bryan Hall. You are encouraged to meet with them. Their hours will be posted on the class website during the first week. The TAs will screen all emails to them and pass on to the instructor questions that only he can answer. Email: [email protected] . Course Prerequisites MAN 3025 Principles of Management MAR 3023 Principles of Marketing Similar courses may be used as substitutes if approved by the College’s Undergraduate Programs Office at the east end of the first floor of Bryan Hall, phone: 273-0165. Finance is not a pre- requisite, and you can do fine without it, though you will have to learn a bit as we go along. Textbook International Business , 6 th edition, by Ricky Griffin and Michael Pustay, Prentice Hall, 2010, ISBN 0-13-715373-2. Notice that this is the 6 th edition, not the 7 th that is about to come out. Since a new 7 th edition is about to come out, the 6 th edition, though still reasonably up-to-date, is available at a lower price. (See Amazon and other sources. Most business texts are expensive.) Written by professors at Texas A&M, the text provides comprehensive and accurate coverage of a broad business area. I will rely on it to give the course an organized, systematic backbone. The lectures in contrast will often be about current events, case studies, or industries. The lectures
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will follow the organization of the text somewhat but by no means exactly. Besides covering and sometimes updating selected topics from the text, they will respond to current events, opportunities for guest speakers, and your interests. Accessing the Course Website This course is being presented via the University of Florida’s Sakai/e-learning course management system. You can create a shortcut (link or favorite) in your browser that will take you directly to the E-Learning in Sakai login site: http://lss.at.ufl.edu Then: 1. Login to the website using your GatorLink user name and password. 2.
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Syllabus_Spring_2012_GEB3373 - GEB 3373 Spring 2012 Dr...

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