Quiz 2 Spring 2012 Questions

Quiz 2 Spring 2012 Questions - Quiz 2 Spring 2012 GEB 3373...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 2 Spring 2012 GEB 3373 1. Faced with declining sales of film, Kodak used its thousands of chemicals to create ______ and Fujifilm used its thousands of chemicals to create _____. a. cosmetics cosmetics b. cosmetics pharmaceuticals c. pharmaceuticals cosmetics d. pharmaceuticals pharmaceuticals 2. Kodaks current strategy to _____ intellectual property and to _____ its number of divisions. a. buy reduce b. buy increase c. sell reduce d. sell increase 3. Kodak used the razor blade model, or _____ profit per unit on cameras and _____ profit per unit on film. a. low low b. low high c. high low d. high high 4. Fujifilm recently used a cash cow model on its _____, or _____ spending on new product development and expanding market share. a. film low b. film high c. cosmetics low d. cosmetics high e. pharmaceuticals low 5. Fujifilm gained market share in the United States and elsewhere by sponsoring the 1984 _____. Also helping Fujifilm gain market share from Kodak that year was the ______ dollar. a. summer Olympics weak b. summer Olympics strong c. presidential election weak d. presidential election strong 6. The market cap of a publicly traded corporation is a. the maximum number of shares it is allowed to issue. b. the number of shares times the price of a share. c. the total value of its stocks and bonds. d. the expected discounted value of its sales. e. it value as estimated by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. 7. Kodak had about _____ global workers in 1996 and about _____ in 2011. a. 20,000 20,000 b. 20,000 90,000 c. 90,000 20,000 d. 90,000 90,000 8. The razor blade pricing model can be used with two products that are _____. That is, a decrease in the price of one _____ the demand for the other. a. complements reduces b. complements increases c. substitutes reduces d. substitutes increases 9. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles are more likely to be used in countries with _____ law. Lawsuits are more common in countries with _____ law. a. common common b. common civil c. civil common d. civil civil 10. In an inflationary environment, a corporation appears to be worth more if it uses _____ cost to value its physical assets. Again in an inflationary environment, a corporation would reduce its profits tax by using _____ inventory valuation. a. historical LIFO b. historical FIFO c. replacement LIFO d. replacement FIFO 11. German corporations make _____ use of accounting reserves than do U.S. corporations. This makes their profits appear to vary ____ from year to year. a. less less b. less more c. more less d. more more 12. The 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act ______. It ______ the liability of coporate executives, auditors, and directors....
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Quiz 2 Spring 2012 Questions - Quiz 2 Spring 2012 GEB 3373...

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