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Unformatted text preview: Figure A.2 Block Format on Letterhead (mixed punctuation) [— eeehweee etiaedemee Weeeheuflee [00 Freeway Exchange Provo. L'T 8-1610 :80}: 333-5885 \nw. .nol‘thu cslhartiu mucom a. .- --.-= nr’ '- mzr - i_.,r. 93] 791‘}.- La. ‘6... June 20, 2006 Mr. James E. Murphy. Accounts Payable Tate coma on a seoaratq—r hot: 7 Salt Lake Equipment Rentals . ; -'. A 5600 Wasatch Boulevard Salt Lake City. Utah 84D] _ Colon in mixed pur'lc’f‘ltlir‘lflon A . . ,. .- a I up. flu“ 1 Invoice #01R-78439l " ‘ - - wr" ’ *3 "Lit tr After the bill for this invoice arrived on May 14. you wrote saying that the material had not been tie >- delivered to you. On May 29, our Claims Department sent you a copy of the delivery receipt signed l" by an employee 01‘ Salt Lake Equipment. You have had proof of delivery for over three weeks. but your payment has not yet arrived. Please send a check for 378.42. cr * "e DEW! r3 / heading ['3 ma”?- 5.03595) Voucher #59351 The reference line on your voucher #5935]. dated June 16. indicates that it is the grosz‘. payment for invoice #010-002345. However. the voucher was only for 5] 171.25. while the invoice amount was $246.37. Please send a check for $75.12 to clear this item. Voucher #55032 Voucher #55032. dated June 16. subtracts :1 credit for $239.55 from the amount due. Our records do not show that any credit is due on this voucher. Please send either an explanation or a cheuk to cover the $239.55 immediately. Total Amount Due Headmgs are optimal to letters Please send a check for $393.09 to cover these three items and to bring your account up to date. _ .i; a Sincerely. Wan Neil Hutchinson Credit Representative cc: Joan Stottlemyer. Credit Manager ' m‘rvr‘. r7“;-ifQ:!‘: Of 3* 5 308665? ' ‘5‘ 1- ur; 574 Figure A.1O Memo Format (on pialn paper) Everything lined up at left Plain paper 7 4 October 7. 2005 Spaces Line up Double space T03 ' Wetter T. Califero (one blank Spalgfrim: yle B. Abrams Writer's initials added in ink ILL-Q " I K p _ . ,r , , with.an «1;» Subject: A Low-Cost Way to Reduce Energy Use 0119;13:th 9N3 ,CTL ( 3W: rttajor word in sum-em Mit- No As you requested. We investigated low-cost ways to reduce our energy use. Reducing 9 vi heading the building temperature on weekends is a change that we could make immediately. {Of 15' 7 that would cost nothing- and that would cut our energy use by about 6%. heading (two blank spaces) —> Triple space before each new The Energy Savings from a Lower Weekend Temperature Bold or underline headings Single'space Lowering the temperature from 68° to 60° from 8 pm. Friday evening to 4 a_m_ paragrapigée Monday morning could cut our total consumption by 6%. It is not feasible to lower the do” e'sp temperature on weeknights because a great many staff members work late: the cleaning n . . . . . . big/329% crew also is on duty from 6 pm. to midnight. Turning the temperature down lor only for“? blank four hours would not result in a significant heat saving. space) _ _ , _ Turning the heat back up at 4 am. Will allow the building temperature to be back to 68" by 9 am. Our furnace already has computerized controls which can be set to automatically lower and raise the temperature. mp“; 3p (two blank spaces} Gamay-Me m5; .z‘ezter of How a Lower Temperature Would Affect Employees each major tarot-n of heading Do not A survey of employees shows that only 7 people use the building every weekend or indent almost every weekend. Eighteen percent of our staff have worked at least one weekend paragraphs day in the last two months: 52% say they "occasionally" come in on weekends, People who come in for an hour or less on weekends could cope with the lower temperaturcjust by wearing warm clothes. However. most people would find so“ too cool for extended work. Employees who work regularly on weekends might want to install space heaters. Action Needed to Implement the Change Would you also like me to check into the cost of buying a dozen portable space heaters“? Providing them would allow us to choose units that our wiring can handle and would be a nica gesture towards employees who give up their weekends to work. 1 could have a report to you in two weeks. We can begin saving energy immediately. Just authorize the lower temperature. and I'll see that the controls are reset for this weekend. Memos are initiated by I ‘ I _‘ I TofFrornfSubiect block 7— rio Signed“? Hera!“ '95 E 584 Appendix A Formats for Letters, Memos, and E—Mail Messages Figure A.1 1 Memo Format (on memo letterhead) Kimball, Walls, and Morganstern Date: March 15 2006 line; up horizontally Witt: mmteo‘ Date. to To: Annette T. Calil'ero Kyle B. Abrams Winter's initials adrift-act m mk t; From: t-"r L7! Subject: v. i - :jz-gtt‘w- 8.175555" wing; 3‘ _.t urn”. has saved our turn 322.000' needed to maintain the same temperature. be in a room wit a space heater. s' m. ._. f- Fully 92% of our employees support the lower temperature. I recommend that we continue turning down the heat on weekends through the remainder of the heating season and that we resume the practice when the heat is turned on next fall. s: .l ,tt_-.'T.‘-.S:.‘l3ltr_7t‘7 actuate/e ttr'sl or ea “t: u not tor " The Effectiveness of Reducing Building Temperatures on Weekends ‘ Reducing the building temperature to 60“ on weekends has cut energy “T ’ use bv 4:7}. compared to last vear's use from December to February and This savings is particularly remarkable when you consider that this wrnter has‘been colder than last year's. so that more heat would be Fewer people have worked weekends during the past three months than during the preceding three months. but snow and bad driving conditions may have had more to do with keeping people home than the fear of being cold. Five of the 12 space heaters we bouvht have been checked out on an average weekend. On one weekend. all l2 were in use and some people shared their offices so that everyone could 585 Formats for E-Mail Messages Most e-mail programs prompt you to supply the various parts of the format. For example, a blank Eudora screen prompts you to Supply the name of the recipi- ent(s) and the subject line. See Chapters 7, 8, and 9 for information about design- ing e-mail Subject lines. “Ccz” denotes computer copies; the recipient will see that these people are getting the message. “Bcc:” denotes blind computer copies; the recipient does not see the names of these people. Most e-mail programs also al- low you to attach documents from other programs. Thus you can send someone a docmnent with formatting, drafts of PowerPoint slides, or the design for a brochure cover. The computer program supplies the date and time automatically. Some aspects of e-mail format are still evolving. In particular, some writers treat e-mail messages as if they were informal letters; some treat them as memos. Even though the e-mail screen has a "To" line (as do memos), some writers still use an informal salutation, as in Figure A13. The writer in Figure A.'l3 ends the message with a signature block. You can store a signature block in the email pro— gram and set the program to insert the signature block automatically. In contrast, the writer in Figure A.'l4 omits both the salutation and his name. When you send ...
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Letter_MemoSamples - Figure A.2 Block Format on Letterhead...

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