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GEB3373Feb23 - Hours 1 and 2 GEB3373 Feb23 Christine...

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Hours 1 and 2 GEB3373 Feb23 Christine Legarde - Head of the IMF - French with an extensive American background - has been head of the IMF for about 6 months - extremely powerful position. The Greeks are furious from the newly formed austerity demands. Austerity measures have historically caused the people of those nations upon which austerity is imposed severe hardships and even loss of life. Xi Jinping Expected head of China Recently visited the United States Son of one of the revolutionary leaders Father fell out of power and was called a traitor, then sent to live in a poor village in a remote area of China. Xi promoted through regional leadership roles over the years Xi is educated, understands American views as his daughter currently attends Harvard University. Rare Earths 17 elements on the end of the periodic table that are rare and hold value to electronics manufacturers. Useful for making magnets that are strong, used in earphones (buds) Also important for electric cars Rare Earth Production: China 97% India 2% U.S. 1% Sourcing: Earbuds are complements to potential new devices and alternative materials.
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Rare Earths from China: China has an incentive to decrease the supply of Rare earths in order to force the price to rise. The demand for rare earths is more elastic in the long run. Australia, India, Brazil will use research and development to develop their own methods of production. Reserves: China 48% India 1% U.S. 1% Russia 1% Australia 1% Lots of Research and Development in Japan to make strong magnets from other elements
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