CCNA 2 Chapter 10 V40

CCNA 2 Chapter 10 V40 - 1. What action does a link-state...

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1. What action does a link-state router take immediately upon receipt of an LSP from a neighboring router? floods the LSP to neighbors calculates the SPF algorithm runs the Bellman-Ford algorithm computes the best path to the destination network 2. Why is it difficult for routing loops to occur in networks that use link-state routing? Each router builds a simple view of the network based on hop count. Routers flood the network with LSAs to discover routing loops. Each router builds a complete and synchronized view of the network. Routers use hold-down timers to prevent routing loops. 3. Refer to the exhibit. What kind of information would be seen in an LSP sent from router JAX to router ATL? hop count uptime of the route cost of the link a list of all the routing protocols in use 4. To achieve network convergence, what three steps does each link state router take? (Choose three.) use automatic summarization to reduce the size of routing tables build a Link State Packet (LSP) containing the state of each directly connected link flood the LSP to all neighbors, who then store all LSPs received in a database discover neighbors and establish adjacencies using the hello packet sent at regular intervals construct a complete map of the topology and compute the best path to each destination network use the DUAL FSM to select efficient, loop-free paths, and insert routes into the routing table 5.
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Refer to the exhibit. When Router D is configured to use a link-state routing protocol and is added to the network, what is the first thing that it does to begin learning the network topology? It sends LSP packets to Routers B and C. It sends LSP packets to all routers in the network.
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CCNA 2 Chapter 10 V40 - 1. What action does a link-state...

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