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INTRODUCTION TO GERMAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE II A Course in the General Education Program Program Description : The General Education Program at KSU offers a common academic experience for all its students. In a series of interrelated courses in the liberal arts and sciences, it provides the opportunity for them to acquire the intellectual skills and knowledge characteristic of educated persons. Thus, it lays the foundation for success in their academic, professional, and personal lives. Whereas the major program contributes to a college education depth in a designated specialization, the General Education Program provides breadth by introducing and connecting a variety of disciplines. Program Goals : The General Education Program at KSU has five goals. During the course of the program, students should achieve the following: develop productive habits of mind develop effective communication skills expand knowledge and understanding expand creative capabilities exhibit understanding of the impact of ethical and aesthetic values Herzlich Willkommen in Deutsch 1002! Coordinator: Dr. Sabine H. Smith Instructor: Staff Office: PS 253 (Dr. Smith); PS 255 (Staff); Office Hours Dr. Smith: M 12-1 PM, T 11AM-12PM, W 10-11 PM, Th 12:30-1:30 PM (at Kaffeeklatsch); by appt. Phone: 770. 423. 6336 (for messages for instructor), 770. 423. 6501 (Dr. Smith) Email Dr. Smith: ; Staff: tba FAX: (770) 499-3386 COURSE DESCRIPTION: “Introduction to the German language and culture II. Prerequisite: One year of high school German, or GRMN 1001, or the equivalent. Introduction to German language and culture, part II, stressing continued, progressive acquisition of effective communication skills in both the written and spoken language and an understanding of the practices and products of German culture. Not open to native speakers of German.” (Kennesaw State University Undergraduate Catalog ). BOOKS: Required Books: Sevin, Dieter and Ingrid Sevin. Wie geht’s? An Introductory German Course. 8 th ed. Cengage, 2007. ILrn book key and course code for online resources. See your instructor about online resources. Recommended Books: -- any standard College Dictionary English-German/German-English, e.g. Harper Collins, College Ed., Cassel’s Langenscheidt, Bantam Books -- Zorach, Cecile, and Charlotte Melin. English Grammar for Students of German. Olivia & Hill Press, 2001. -- Rubin, Joan, and Irene Thompson. How To Be A More Successful Language Learner. 2 nd ed. Heinle & Heinle, 1994. -- Donald, Sydney G. and Pauline E. Kneale. Study Skills for Language Students: A Practical Guide . Oxford UP, 2001. -- Strutz, Henry. 501 German Verbs. 4th ed. New York: Barron’s Educational Series, 2005. 1
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GRMN1002.MNW.fall2010 - 1 German 1002: INTRODUCTION TO...

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