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Week 9 Discussion Question 5 - credibility I consider...

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Week 9 Discussion Question 5 What does the Student Code of Academic Integrity mean to you? Which of the seven forms of academic dishonesty do you consider the gravest threat to being an ethical student? The Student Code of Academic Integrity means completing my schoolwork honestly and in the manner put forth by the university. Academic honesty makes online schooling possible. Academic integrity is important to the individual and the university for maintaining
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Unformatted text preview: credibility. I consider plagiarism the gravest threat to being an online student. Students must quote and cite ideas in their work that are not their own. Purchasing or sharing materials is a huge problem because of the Internet. The fact that people are willing to cheat and are ignorant to the rules perpetuates a marketplace of false schoolwork. I believe the continuation of this problem can lead to the drop in value of a college degree. Richard...
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