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Week 9 Discussion Question 4 - you use to determine...

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Week 9 Discussion Question 4 What is academic credibility? How does it relate to critical thinking? How does referring to, or citing, the experts in any field enhance your academic credibility? Academic credibility is the student’s authentication of work Kimberley, I agree with you, academic credibility is very important to college students; we have to be able to back up any information we receive or give, and make it believable, and we have to be able to determine when we can use it and how we can use it. Critical thinking has to be used for us to distinguish between what is right and wrong. What source would
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Unformatted text preview: you use to determine academic credibility? Debra, I agree with you, academic credibility separates each student from others, and will be used through out our college and professional life. We can also earn respect from others by our credibility and how we use our critical thinking to deal with situations involving others. Using academic credibility will help us maintain a good level of high quality studies and a good prospect career. How would you deal with people who are not credible?...
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