Week 9 Discussion Question 3

Week 9 Discussion Question 3 - as team successfully Debra I...

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Week 9 Discussion Question 3 How does collaboration foster critical thinking? How might the two work together in your academic and personal life? Collaboration is very important in achieving all outcomes from critical thinking; it is the means for students to be able to express their critical thinking with each other. Using collaboration and critical thinking together will give students more success rate in their academic and personal life. Collaboration along with critical thinking will help student prepare for a structured group discussion about different subjects, and let each member of the group vice their own opinion and views weather in a class study or in a project discussion at work. Collaboration and critical thinking can help students discover and expand their abilities to work
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Unformatted text preview: as team successfully. Debra, I agree with you, collaboration is a great way to enhance learning and improve knowledge to individuals. Students can benefit a great deal from by using critical thinking in collaboration with other students to gain more knowledge or to get the right answer to questions they are not sure of. Have you participated in any online group study? Betty, I agree with you, collaboration is more efficient when all members of the group participate with their views and opinions. Every one should be able make their point and have others question them. It is the basis of a good productive teamwork. I think students need to participate in-group discussions to help expand their academics skills and studies. Do you use collaboration at your current job?...
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