3S03 Week 3 Communication (2011) FinalpostA2L

3S03 Week 3 Communication (2011) FinalpostA2L -...

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9/22/2011 1 Commerce 3S03 Management Skills Week 3 Communication __________________________________ Carolyn Capretta DeGroote School of Business 1 Introduction Communication Sharing information with other people Requires that people reach a common understanding 2 Skill Building Activity Communication exercise in pairs 3 Communication Myths If you have a strong case, everyone will be convinced Words mean what they mean PowerPoint presentations are always the best way to persuade Assertive communication means being unbending or a jerk Listening is a passive activity 4 Creating Persuasive Messages Audience Analysis First and foremost rule of effective communication is to analyze your audience Audience will be more persuaded by issues that directly affect them 5 Creating Persuasive Messages Ethos: Personal Credibility Pathos: Arousing Others’ Emotions Logos: Using Evidence 6
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9/22/2011 2 Ways to Enhance Your Ethos Emphasize the ways that you are similar to your audience Establish your authority and/or expertise 7 Pathos Most effective when: speakers use stories and examples that are highly relevant to their listeners listeners’ emotions are aroused in a way that prompts their compliance with a message 8 Pathos Fairness or reciprocity relies on the universal human tendency for people to treat others as they are themselves treated People react to drama fear appeals, use of strong language, personal passion, storytelling 9 Logos Two obligations as a speaker To construct logically sound arguments in support of your position Find evidence in support of those claims 10 Kinds of Arguments Inductive moves from talking about specific things to generalizing Deductive moves from the general to the specific 11 Using Two-Sided Messages Effectively Use a moderate amount of negative
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3S03 Week 3 Communication (2011) FinalpostA2L -...

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